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Winter Is Coming

As temperatures drop, keep your vehicles on the move with Autosmart’s range of winter products.


Protecting down to -15C, Clearview is the perfect winter screenwash. It clears salt spray and de-ices screens and locks. Combine with our Barrel For Life dilution control equipment for optimum value and no manual handling of chemicals. Available in bulk or single car packs.


A concentrated, methanol-free de-icer, which is effective down to -20 degrees centigrade. Formulated to prevent the screen from re-freezing. Also suitable for use on frozen locks. Available in bulk and aerosol.


A neutral, superior wash and wax product which has an excellent deep cleaning action for removing dirt and traffic film. Leaves a high wax, high gloss finish on paintwork, giving protection against the elements.

Ice Eater Granules

Ice Eater granules melt ice eight times more effectively than rock salt at lower temperatures and are a cleaner alternative. They are perfect for sites wishing to minimise the chance of people slipping on ice in winter.


Applying Highstyle to the rubbers around doors will help prevent them from sticking or cracking in icy conditions

Leather Supplement

A rich cream leather feed designed to protect new leather and rejuvenate old leather as new. It keeps leather supple in cold weather. Available in bulk.


The first „hybrid“ polish that has a long lasting weather shield protection. It protects from the elements and gives a luxurious deep shine on all surfaces. Available in bulk.

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